We are working so hard in school right now before Christmas break it's literally taking all my time, I don't quite understand how my teachers have thought we'll get everything done in time and everyone's stressing. Deadline after deadline, tons of meetings for all different things, add some group assignments and a huge course production on top of all this - where, may I add,  I'll be making my debut as the sound technician, and you have quite a week ahead of you, trust me.

A few weeks back I was also given the opportunity to help older students with a production, a older sound technique student asked for my help to handle with the sound for the film, so cool but also so nerve wracking. This will go on for a week in December and even though I'm not sure what I'm doing quite yet, I am very excited to help out and learn along the way.

Also I've had quite a lot of work after school lately, it's something I wouldn't want to stress about right now, but at the same time I need the money so there's nothing really I can change about that right now. I just hope it'll ease up a bit before christmas break.
Quite a few things going on right now as you might have noticed so I will probably be a bit absent over on the blog right now, but don't worry, I'm working on the 'link your blog' post all the time I get, it's just taking a while to go through them all and just picking a few favourites turned out to be harder than I thought!

But to sum it all up, I'm doing really good at the moment, keeping myself really busy! But just happy things going on and being surrounded by amazing talented people makes it even more worth the time. Thank god for friday tomorrow though, I'll have a long weekend off, I think I've earned it.

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