I feel like I've been gone for so long it's not acceptable so just continue where I left off, but a little update is in place. Like the title says, there has been so much going on, maybe even a bit too much at times, but here are my highlights from these past few weeks (months even oops). Ps. I'm in love with this amazingly weird ripped jean jacket. *Find it here*

My life revolves around school at the moment, as sad as it sounds. I just got done assisting two productions and that has really taken all my time and energy for the past 10 days. It might not seem like a long period of time, but when you work around 10-14h a day non stop, it really takes a toll on you. I've had so much fun though and I honestly learned so much I could never have learnt sitting at a lecture. I'm getting really sucked in to this sound design world.
I'm feeling physically, mentally and emotionally really, really well. This might not seem as such a big thing, but because these are things I've struggled with quite a lot not that long ago, it feels great to say this. I've never been one to talk about my problems, but lately I've met people I feel so comfortable talking to about these stuff and I feel like that is one of the biggest reason I'm doing this well right now. I'm not seeing I've been depressed or anything, but everyone has their dark times and I think stress, relationship problems and family things mixed together kind of started a tough period earlier this year.

But not to focus too much on the past but also looking forward, I have so many amazing plans, soon our first ever own production is kicking off - Morkkis, which is a small production outside of school made up with a team of only girls and first year students. It's going to be a small web series and I'm so nervous but excited to be in charge of the whole sound part of the production. I will definitely keep you updated on this project! Here's to many more busy and great weeks to come.


Sophie said...

amazing pictures!

Jasmine♡ said...

thank you :-)